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Am I the only one who finds it irritating when people have a bone to pick with you and decide that acting like you don't exist is the best course of action?
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Brill Application
"Strength means nothing if you don't use it efficiently."


Brill Estrello





Pokémon Species:







5’ 11”



148 lbs.



Perfections is unobtainable, but if you chase perfection, you can achieve excellence. This quote is one that Brill lives by. He’s a bookworm and a perfectionist, with just enough social skills as to not make himself look awkward. He carries himself quite regally, and gives others the same respect, unless they give him a reason not to. When on the job, Brill prefers to play the leader, putting his exceptional knowledge of strategy and combat to use. However, the more dire the situation they face, the more bossy and commanding he becomes.


As a young Shroomish, Brill wasn’t one of the strongest kids in village. Not only that, but you couldn’t really help around much without arms. With that being the case, Brill spent a lot of time with books, or listening to stories passed around by the elders of his village, strengthening his mind. Because knowledge was power; he would be smart and strong once he evolved.

Once he had matured some and evolved into a Breloom, Brill became a much more active member of his village. With such a well-rounded mind, he was able to help in all sorts of ways: he taught the blacksmith a better way to sharpen his tools, he assisted in building new homes, and even gave the farmers a way to harvest more from their crops. In a sense, Brill had become a walking library, but this suited him just fine. Of course this came with its fair share of name-calling, but he always tuned it out.

A few months after, the village’s peace was shattered. A few stories of the omni had circulated the village, but the wall was so far away from them all that most didn’t pay it any mind. However, Brill, his family, and the entire village got a rude awakening when the wall broke and a few stray omni got far enough to target his home. There was an instant panic. No one knew what was going on. No one knew what was to do. Fighting his own fear, Brill was able to get his family and others to safety, but there was not much else to do. The attack was over almost as soon as it ended, and many lives were lost, families ruined.

During the weeks that followed, Brill started a recovery movement to help repair and restore the village to its former glory, putting his knowledge to even greater use. Even then, as things got better, he couldn’t help but feel at fault. If only he knew more. If only he could have lead the others, maybe things wouldn’t have been as bad as they were then. From that day on, Brill dedicated his studies to combat, reading books on strategy and learning from the few soldiers that lived in the village. He even took a liking to chess, a strategy game loosely connect to real combat. When he could learn no more, Brill decided to register to attend the Yarlets Institute of Protection, where he could take himself to the next level, and learn to protect everything that he ever held dear.



  • playing chess
  • writing in his logbook
  • pokemon watching (people watching)
  • studying
  • reading







Brill’s weapon of choice, which he decided to name “Seikakuna,” meaning “precise.” It was a parting gift given to him by the blacksmith of his village.




Brill is a diligent studier and a bit of a perfectionist. He is always striving for the closest thing to perfection, and so he decided to become a tactician, exposing his opponents’ weaknesses and optimizing his allies’ success to keep everyone as safe as possible.


Extras/Fun Facts:

  • Frequently mumbles to himself, especially when deep in thought or planning.
  • Although it is a part of his body, Brill tends to act as if his mushroom is a hat, tipping it to others in greeting.
  • Brill keeps a combat logbook where he records all tactics, maneuvers, etc. that he deems important. He also keeps track of the missions he goes on, retelling the details, what was done, and even giving them grades based on their success.



Effect Spore

When a Pokémon with this Ability is hit by a move that makes contact, there is a 30% chance that the attacking Pokémon will be become paralyzed, asleep or poisoned. Effect Spore has a 9% chance of inducing poison, 10% chance of inducing paralysis, and 11% chance of inducing sleep.



  • Mind Reader

            The user senses the target's movements with its mind to ensure its next attack does not miss the target.

  • Counter

            A retaliation move that counters any physical attack, inflicting double the damage taken.

  • Leech Seed

            A seed is planted on the target. It steals some HP from the target every turn.

  • Dynamic Punch

            The user punches the target with full, concentrated power. This confuses the target if it hits.

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  • Watching: Madoka Magica
  • Eating: Popcorn
  • Drinking: Water


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